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Pressure Wash Your Roof

Pressure Wash Your Roof

Pressure Wash Your Roof to Improve Its Appearance and Reduce Maintenance Costs

A critical part of the home that is often overlooked until there is a problem is the roof! Every homeowner knows they have to take care of their house. And yet, so many people don’t realize that there are things you can do for your roof that will help extend its life, improve your energy efficiency, and increase curb appeal. Some of the offenders that damage your roof include:

Fungus | Moss | Mildew | Mold | Algae

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These things just love to munch on the limestone that is a large part of an asphalt roof. Couple the limestone with the warm, humid environment that a roof can offer and you wind up with a discolored, potentially damaged, unattractive, streaked, and stained roof! Not only is this unappealing from a visual standpoint, but it can negatively impact your energy usage and structural integrity!

How does mold impact my home’s energy efficiency?

Shingles are designed to reflect sunlight in order to lower home energy costs. Mold, and all of its friends up there, will build up on the surface of your roof. This interferes with the reflective properties of the shingles, which means your home absorbs more heat, which means increased cooling costs in the summer.

How is the structural integrity affected?

The mold, fungus, mildew, algae, and moss love to eat the limestone component of your asphalt roof. As they wear away that limestone filler, your roof will weaken. Where your roof was once a solid line of defense against the elements, it may now leak, or lose shingles if it’s left unattended long enough. It’s important to regularly remove these damage causing organisms from your roof.

How do I get rid of it?

A simple, yet very effective method of protecting your roof is to do a low pressure wash! Pressure washing removes all of the damaging buildup on the surface of your roof, without stripping away the asphalt, when done correctly. It’s very important to use low pressure! Heat makes asphalt slightly malleable, and if you use high pressure on your shingles, you can carve up your shingles like a Thanks Giving Day turkey.

If you keep up with your roof and take good care of it, you can put off a full roof replacement for a very long time. Other things you can do to increase the life of your roof include cleaning your gutters and trimming overhanging limbs. These reduce the chances of moisture being trapped on your roof, and moisture is the number one ingredient that is required for the growth of mold and all its friends.

Wallpaper installers Long Island

Wallpaper installers Long Island

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We are Paperhangers with over 25 years of experience in New York, Long Island and the surrounding areas. Cap Paper Hanging is committed to the art of paperhanging and the quality of the work. Our client list includes some of the most influential designers, contractors and informed residents. We are a Master Paperhanging team. We have experience with every type of wall-covering being used in todays market. Wallpaper is expensive. Its important to know your installer. If you want to be assured of a job well done the first time around, please give us a call.

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If you’re looking to change the mood of a room, a fresh coat of paint is usually the first option that springs to mind for the most makeover for your money, and the easiest to undo if you’re renting.  Wallpaper though, makes an even more dramatic statement, and it’s not nearly as intimidating as it seems.

Why even bother messing with wallpaper when you can just break out the rollers and trays? “It can add a bit of history to your home since it has more longevity than paint, It also makes a statement about the time period if it is left up for years. It’s not something you just paint over.

Flavor Paper, whose showroom is located in Boerum Hill, explains that unlike the more subtle effect of paint, wallpaper can transport you to an entirely fresh mindset. “Choice of color changes moods, but large-scale patterns are impossible to ignore.” Often, a pattern will trigger a memory or an emotion. Artist and design blogger Nicole Cohen of Sketch42 says she decorated her daughter’s bedroom using Cole & Son’s hummingbird wallpaper because “it reminded me of my childhood bedroom growing up…You just can’t get the same feeling with a paint.”

And even though wallpaper is a more serious investment, there are work-arounds, and some designers, like Ryan Cox of Filthy Home, have made it easier for DIY types to install it themselves.

When it comes to hanging wallpaper, Cap Paper Hanging professional paperhanger knows best. “The intricacies and technique needed to successfully install the most popular papers increase ten fold when you throw in the graphics, different print mediums, delicate surfaces and the need to trim the goods.

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