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Expert Commercial Painting Services in Long Island, NY

With 20+ years of experiencing serving the communities of Long Island, NY, Cap Paper Hanging & Painting Contractors understands that first impressions matter. A business that provides a potential customer with a poor first impression is a business that will struggle to maximize its revenues. If your exterior or interior paint is providing a negative first impression, then we can quickly and affordably solve that problem for you.

All of our commercial painting services receive a free estimate before any work is completed. Our staff will perform a thorough inspection of your proposed project so that the estimate is as accurate as possible. You won’t be blindsided with hidden costs or fees. All of our commercial painting services, in fact, are 100% guaranteed. You will be satisfied or we will work together to make it right.

The Color of Your Business Sends a Message

Did you know that different colors cause different reactions within people who come to your business? Reds, for example, speak of confidence and being bold. Blues and greens are relaxing, while yellow colors are revitalizing. Purple colors are almost philosophical in nature. The wrong color can do more than create a poor first impression. It can put a prospect in the wrong state of mind.

With our color matching features, our expert staff can create an exact color that will fit your needs. You’ll also be able to take advantage of our 3 point commercial painting promise to your business.

1. We will prepare your site properly for a long-lasting result. We scrape away peeling paint, power wash any dirt and debris off of the surface, and scrub away stubborn mold or mildew by hand if necessary. We can also patch or replace damaged stucco or siding in certain circumstances.

2. We work with your schedule. You need to be able to make money, even when you’ve decided to contract with us for our commercial painting services. We’ll work with your organization to minimize the impact that our work will cause so that your customers won’t feel like they must stay away until the job is done.

3. Our project will stay within your budget. Cap Paper Hanging & Painting Company hasn’t built a reputation of success on 10+ years of budgetary surprises. We keep communication lines open and transparent so that you always know what is happening and what the costs of the project are going to be.

Our Love of Painting Shows With Every Result

Our commercial painting services reflect the passion we have for our industry. Cap Paper Hanging & Painting Contractors offers a high quality experience for a surprisingly affordable price because we’re always learning new methods, researching new techniques, and striving to make our organization better. You will find that our combination of superior products with superior craftsmanship will create a stunning first impression for your potential customers.

Have you been thinking about an update to the look of your business in Long Island, NY? Then contact us today for a free estimate. You will find that our commercial painting services are thoughtful, immaculate, and ready to provide your customers with the perfect environment.


Commercial Painting and WallPaper Hanging

Cap Paper Hanging & Painting Co. has provided Commercial Painting Services for our clients for over a decade. We utilize the latest technologies, skilled professionals, and materials of the highest quality to ensure your project continues to look great year after year. Contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE. We recognize how very much you care about your commercial property, and therefore we make certain to be a business which you can trust for a job well done. Our remarkable superiority interior/exterior painting service isn’t only an excellent way to promptly rehabilitate your businesses charm, it’s a tough, long lasting solution for keeping the building in fantastic appearance and shape. We’re very pleased to provide you with our exterior painting services. 004caps Painting is really what we love to do, and therefore we’re invested in guaranteeing that it’s done correctly. We’re fixated on staying at the leading edge of our industry. When you choose us for your current exterior painting job, you’re choosing a qualified service provider that really is concerned about offering the very best experience. We’re positive that you’ll be thrilled with your new paint job which you be proud to show it off. Cap Painting assures painting and decorating services at a level notably above the competition by means of remarkable client service, outstanding quality, trusted, capable crews, superior quality products, modern techniques, in addition to a continuous drive to learn and improve as time goes on. We offer Innovative Techniques with Budgets In Mind, Custom Color Matching of Almost Any Material or Item as well as Commercial Painting of an Entire Building or just One Room, we can help. Contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE.

Commercial Painting Contractors

As commercial painting contractors, we can transform your working environment quickly and efficiently. Whether you need to refresh your exterior paint or you want to give the interior of your business a complete color makeover, our commercial construction painting team is here to serve you with courteous, professional service.

Dealing with the Exterior

As a commercial property owner, you probably do not have a whole lot of time to step outside and start re-painting your building on your own. Juggling everyday operations, a staff and a family life can leave you little to no time to tend to exterior color maintenance – especially since the task can be quite time consuming. As commercial painting contractors, we can do it for you!

First, blistered, peeling and chipping paint must be scraped away.

A power washer is then used to clean the surface of any loose finish, dirt or grease.

Moldy and mildewed surfaces are scrubbed with detergent and bleach.

Damaged stucco or siding is patched or replaced, depending upon the extent of the damage.

Caulking is applied around the windows and doorways.

The entire surface is sanded and smoothed, and then primed.

Finally, the new coat of paint is applied and your property is left looking fresh and new and inviting.

Dealing with the Interior

Interior color schemes can be incorporated into your color renovation project in order to create the ideal atmosphere for your business. Colors have profound psychological effects upon people, and as such, they can be used in the commercial environment to facilitate business.

Reds are stimulating and commonly evoke courage, strength and hunger. Reds are excellent for restaurants, because they subconsciously whet the appetite.

Blues are soothing and lend to clear thinking, mental serenity and aid in concentration. Blues are ideal for waiting rooms and reception areas.

Yellows are invigorating and help bolster confidence and self-esteem. Yellows are excellent colors for conference rooms and sales offices.

Purples are majestic and commonly evoke contemplation, sincerity and greater self-awareness. Purples are ideal for spas and massage therapy rooms and other soothing or meditational environments.

Earth tones tend to instill a sense of being grounded, while light shades of gray are perceived as neutral.

Our team can help you develop the perfect color combinations for your commercial property, whether you are choosing colors based upon their psychological effects; simply because you like them, or because they are required by your franchise agreement.
Working out a Schedule
As an active and successful business, we know the importance of being able to generate profits on a daily basis. When our commercial painting contractors begin an interior painting project, we always make sure that we coordinate our work with our clients’ schedules. We aim to make as little impact as possible on their abilities to continue with their day to day business activities.

Low odor and fast drying paints can be used in areas where contact with employees and customers is unavoidable.

We maintain an immaculate worksite and never leave opened cans of paint unattended or debris lying around on the floor.

Painted areas are always cordoned off and clearly marked so employees and customers will know to avoid them.

If you have been looking for the right commercial painting contractors to help you spruce up your business property, give us a call. We offer professional and convenient painting services for busy companies just like yours.

We offer commercial painting services in Brooklyn, New York, Long Island and surrounding areas

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