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Deck Staining Adds Years of Life to Your Deck

Your deck takes a beating every day. It isn’t just the rain, sleet, or snow that can cause damage. When the sun is shining down on your deck and you’re enjoying a friendly afternoon barbecue, your deck is getting damaged at the same time too. The UV rays of the sun can bend and warp your boards just like consistent moisture exposure can.

That’s why regular deck staining is such an important component to the life of a deck. If your stain is looking old and faded, then it isn’t adequately protecting your structure. Preparation, however, is the key to a quality finish. Here are the steps that are generally skipped during a deck staining project.

• No brighteners are used. If you stain over gray wood, then you won’t get the same color quality. Wood brighteners are simple and easy to apply and remove the weathered look in just minutes without scrubbing.

• Embedded debris is not removed. Mold and mildew love decks. You can often find it lurking in the joints or blocking of the structure. Debris also gets stuck between the decking or in the baluster connections. If this is not removed, it can affect the integrity of the stain.

• More is not the solution. Stain should be applied just like paint. A thin coat can provide a foundational layer of protection and then a second coat [or more] can be added on top of this. Trying to rush through a job with just one thick layer of stain often creates poor results.

A well-stained deck can greatly improve the curb appeal of your home and be an inviting location to spend a beautiful day. If it has been awhile since your deck has seen some TLC, the contact us today for a no obligation estimate and together we can restore its beauty.