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How To Check For Water Damage In a Wall Tips For Suffolk County & NYC

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How To Check For Water Damage In a Wall

One of the most overlooked jobs of the homeowner is the monthly property inspection. Minor issues can be caught early and fixed with a monthly inspection before a more costly repair becomes necessary. Checking for water damage in a wall on a regular basis can help you spot a leaking pipe, a flooding issue, or a drainage problem before it becomes a disaster.

Here’s how you can make sure that you don’t have water damage creeping up on you.

Trust what you smell. Water has a distinct smell when it interacts with your home. The smell of mildew, which is musty and reminiscent of an old sweater that’s just been taken out of storage, is a clear indicator that there’s water damage somewhere.

You may see crumbling in the corners and joints. The most likely place you’ll find water damage is around a window, but any seams, joints, or corners has the chance to collect water. If you notice any wood or drywall crumbling, there’s a good chance that water damage is happening.

There are stains. Water stains are often yellow and they will often appear quickly. Sudden water stains should be evaluated by a contractor immediately.

Listen to the walls. Water can come from above, from the walls, or even from the ground below. You might not always be able to see the water, but sometimes you can certainly hear it. Listen for dripping, flowing, or gurgling sounds, especially after it rains.

You can also detect water damage by seeing warping or buckling in the walls and floors. Inspect at least once per month for this kind of damage so that you can avoid a hefty repair bill.

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Interior Preparation Services include:

  • removing all peeled and loose paint
  • sanding for smooth surfaces
  • calking all cracks and seams
  • patching cracked, damaged and uneven areas
  • priming new, exposed and raw wooden parts
  • masking and covering all surrounding areas and furniture
  • removing wallpaper
  • anti mildew treatment and dry rot repair
  • sample color demonstration
  • hand brush work on corners
  • minor carpentry work

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