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How To Repair a Bubbling Wall In 1 Afternoon

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How To Repair a Bubbling Wall In 1 Afternoon


Do you have paint bubbles that have begun to grow out of your wall? It happens more often than you might think. A few paint bubbles can be caused by water contact, a high humidity environment [like in a bathroom], or even from inferior craftsmanship in the paint or its application. Now here’s some good news: small repairs can be completed rather quickly.

Although we don’t recommend it, some folks have found success by placing heat on the paint bubble, like from an iron. This creates a fire risk, so try at your own risk. We prefer using the following steps to repair the issue instead.

#1. Scrape the bubbled area. Use a trowel to remove the bubbled paint in the affected area. Lightly scrape using the tool to make sure any damaged paint is fully removed. Look for signs of water damage behind the paint, such as wall discoloration, to see if a more extensive repair is needed. If there is, then contact us about what your options may be. If not, then move to the next step.

#2. Smooth down the surface. Lightly sand the affected area with a drywall sander. Remove any dust that may linger and then create a flush surface with joint compound. Allow the compound to completely dry. Then sand the repair site down so that it is smooth.

#3. Now you’re ready to finish the job. If you need to add texture to create a seamless repair, then now is the time to do so. Allow the texture to dry and then paint the repair area to match.

Knowing how to repair a bubbling wall can really help you save some cash when it comes to keeping the interior of your home looking great. Implement these steps today and you’ll be able to get this DIY job done in no time at all.

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Interior Preparation Services include:

  • removing all peeled and loose paint
  • sanding for smooth surfaces
  • calking all cracks and seams
  • patching cracked, damaged and uneven areas
  • priming new, exposed and raw wooden parts
  • masking and covering all surrounding areas and furniture
  • removing wallpaper
  • anti mildew treatment and dry rot repair
  • sample color demonstration
  • hand brush work on corners
  • minor carpentry work

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