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Cap Wallpaper Stripping in Long Island

Wallpaper Stripping Done the Right Way

It is possible to remove wallpaper without actually damaging the wall in the process. There are several different options that are available, even for the most stubborn of wallpaper, so that your room can get the updated look it deserves. With a little patience, you can discover the art to stripping wallpaper that won’t cause damage.

Or you can contact a wallpaper contractor who is skilled in this art form already. Some wallpapers can be stripped dry. Others may need to be steamed off or be treated with a removal solution to dissolve the glue that has affixed the paper in place.

Even if the wallpaper has been improperly installed, damage to the wall can be kept to a minimum. This is even true if there are multiple layers of wallpaper that need to be removed. Manufacturers might say you can remove multiple layers at once, but in our experience, this only increases the chances of damage happening to your wall.

Our wallpaper stripping experts will remove the paper with the method that works best for your project. If the wall is rough underneath, then we will skim coat the wall to give it the even, consistent look the modern room demands. Then we’ll finish the project based on your specifications.

There are many styles of wallpaper that can make a home or business look dated. Wallpaper stripping is a simple solution to create a updated, modern look. Together we can make sure your project starts and ends on the right foot.